WP Advanced Comment Demo

WP Advanced Comment is a powerful and easy to use comment system for wordpress with drag and drop custom fields builder.

Main Features ( Free Version )

  1. Easy to create forms with drag and drop options.
  2. Use of Jquery Validation plugin for frontend validation.
  3. Available custom fields ( Text, Textarea, Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown/Select, Multiselect, Url, Email, Setion Break, HTML Codes )
  4. Create unlimited custom fields.
  5. Options to show custom fields to admin only ( frontend ).

Main Features ( ProVersion )

  1. Available Custom fields ( Date, Image Upload, Files Upload, Google Map, User Image, Captcha, Custom Taxonomies )

Demo Video

Click Here to see the comment form.

160 thoughts on “WP Advanced Comment Demo”

  1. right

    Radio Button : 60-70
    Checkbox : Red, Yellow
    Dropdown : Dell
    Number : 2
    Date : 23-03-2018
    Category : Custom Fields
  2. Dit is ee test

    Radio Button : 50-60
    Checkbox : Blue
    Dropdown : Dell
    Number : 3
    Date : 28-03-2018
    Category : Custom Fields
  3. nice

    Text : hiiiiii
    Textarea : helloooooo
    Radio Button : 10-20
    Checkbox : Red
    Dropdown : Dell
    Number : 2
    Date : 16-03-2018
    Category : Custom Fields

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Custom Field ( PRO )

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Custom Taxonomy

You can select custom taxonomies form backend and choose the display type as select, multi select, radio or checkbox.