WP Advanced Comment Demo

WP Advanced Comment is a powerful and easy to use comment system for WordPress with drag and drop custom fields builder.

Main Features

  1. Easy to create forms with drag and drop options.
  2. Use of Jquery Validation plugin for frontend validation.
  3. Available custom fields ( Text, Textarea, Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown/Select, Multiselect, Url, Email, Section Break, HTML Codes, Date, Image Upload, Files Upload, Google Map, User Image, Captcha, Custom Taxonomies, Star Rating )
  4. Create unlimited custom fields.
  5. Options to show custom fields to admin only ( frontend )

Demo Video

Click Here to see the comment form.

144 thoughts on “WP Advanced Comment Demo

  1. 1111

    Text : sdfaf
    Textarea : asfdasdf
    Radio Button : 20-30
    Checkbox : Yellow
    Dropdown : Samsung
    Number : 1
    Email : afsasdf@gasdg.com
    Date : 17-01-2019
    Google Map :
    Category : Security
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    Radio Button : 10-20
    Checkbox : Red
    Dropdown : Dell
    Number : 1
    Date : 11-02-2019
    Category : Custom Fields

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